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the wedding day guide

What to expect from me on the big day + tips to achieve a stunning wedding album

THE DETAILS  30 mins


These photos will include the rings, invitations, jewellery, tie, dress, shoes and cuff links. If you have something of sentimental value, please let me know! 

Tips: I would recommend picking up wooden hangers for the bride and bridesmaids dresses to improve the look of these photos.




This is where I'll be able to capture photos of the bride with her bridesmaids, and the groom with his groomsmen. These shots are typically some of the most-loved of the day, and are traditionally very candid. We'll plan these so that everyone is almost ready before I arrive. For the bride, we'll be able to capture the finishing touches on her hair and makeup, putting on her shoes and dress, sipping champagne with her best friends, initial portraits of the bride and some group shots. For the groom, we'll focus on the final touches to his suit and tie, doing up his cufflinks and shoelaces, the groomsmen as they open their gifts, initial groom portraits, and some group shots. 

Tips: To maximize the look of these photos, it's important choose a space that will set the right tone and mood. Although hotel rooms are frequently chosen for this part of the day, I recommend researching AirBnB rooms instead! Try to find ones with interiors that match your style, open-concept layouts and lots of windows offering natural light. Secondly, to really make your photos pop, I recommend planning coordinated outfits (such as matching pastel or floral robes) for the bridesmaids ahead of time. The groomsmen can rock their suits, so no pre-planning required on their end!




I love this concept because it gives the bride and groom a chance to enjoy an intimate moment together before all of the hustle and bustle of the ceremony and reception begin. You can express your true emotions in a private setting, and share in the excitement of the ceremony to come. No stress, no pressure, just the two of you together, admiring how amazing you both look in a safe space. Doing a first look means that you get to spend more of your special day with the love of your life, and isn't that what it's all about?! Plus, from a photo perspective, these shots are the ones that will bring back alllll the feels every time you see them. Of course, if you'd like to keep things traditional and save your first look for when you're walking down the aisle, that's okay too! This day is about YOU. 


THE BRIDALS  30 mins


After the first look, we'll transition into photos of the two of you together (if you don't do a first look, your bridals will take place after the ceremony). Similar to my engagement photoshoots, this is where I'll guide you through a series of prompts and poses and coach you on the most flattering ways to embrace one another. Since we just did the first look, your emotions and love for each other will radiate through the camera, and the result will be a series of completely natural-looking images that showcase your genuine connection in a truly magical setting. 

Tips: Although your bridal party will need to be close by, I recommend that you ask them to give you a bit of space for these photos. Your photos will typically look more natural when you don't have any distractions (i.e. your BFFs crying off to the side!).


THE BRIDAL PARTY  30 mins - 1 hr


Once the first look and bridals are complete, you'll be ready for the fun part! I'll take some shots of just the girls, just the guys, and some of everyone all together. I'll also make sure that the bride takes a photo with each individual bridesmaid, and the groom with each groomsmen.

Tips: Make sure that the groomsmen arrive with their boutonnieres and the bridesmaids with their 



THE CEREMONY  30 mins - 1 hr


This is the moment that you've both been waiting for! Your photos from the ceremony will include everyone walking down the aisle, close-ups of the bride and groom as they settle in at the alter, full-angled shots of the entire ceremony, the vows, the first kiss and the grand exit! 

Tips: The best time of day for your ceremony (from a photo-taking perspective) is 3 hours before sunset. This is because the sun will be lower in the sky, creating perfect, dreamy lighting for you to bask in as you say I do and start your lives together. Secondly, you may want to ask your officiant to step out of the way before your first kiss so that they aren't in the background of your photo! 




The part of the day when your loved ones get their moment to share in the excitement with you. I'm happy to capture any variety of photos here that you'd like.

Tips: Providing a list of family photos that you'd like to have ahead of time is key for making this part of the day run smoothly and remain on schedule. I would ask that you include names and titles (i.e. Mother of the Bride - Laura) to help me round up the family members required in each photo. It also helps to let your family members know in advance of the ceremony that you'll need them for photos afterwards (including the time and specific location). 




You did it! It's finally party time!! If you're having a cocktail hour before your reception, I'll be sure to capture some candids of you and your guests. During the reception I'll be taking detail shots of the venue and decor, as well as candid photos of the entrances, head table, guests, cake cutting, speeches and first dances. I'll also be available to snap any group shots that you may want with friends and extended family. Afterwards, it will be time to let your hair down and enjoy the dance party! 

Tips: Planning a fun transition between dinner and your first dance always makes for a great photo op! Consider having your guests line up sparklers to create a path for the two of you to walk (or duck) through to get to the dance floor. 


THE SUNSET  15 mins


This is strictly optional, but if you choose to sneak out for a few extra bride and groom photos at sunset, I promise that you will not be disappointed! Your photos will have a warm glow in the background, and it will be an opportunity to add a new location to your photo album for variety. 


Tips: The best time to do this is about 15 minutes before sunset. Since the schedule at this point can easily be running ahead or behind, I recommend blocking off at least 30 minutes to ensure that you're able to sneak away at the perfect time.

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