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Meet Mallory

Hi! I'm Mallory, and this is my partner in crime, Haydn.

I'm the girl you'll find hanging out behind the camera. Haydn is an excellent photography assistant and has been known to accompany me when I have too much to carry or need help coordinating little ones and family pets!


Originally from Thunder Bay, Ontario - I'm a lover of golden fields, fresh water lakes and cotton candy sunsets. I moved to Ottawa in 2016, and it was here where I discovered the remarkable beauty of city landscapes and NCC trails.


Photography entered my life shortly after I settled in Ottawa. In search of a new creative challenge, I began studying and practicing in my spare time. I've since been able to turn my hobby into the small business that you see here today! 


I love to photograph love and the special bond that couples share. I think that it's incredibly important to document life's milestone moments so that you can always remember the joy they made you feel. My goal is to create images that my clients and their families will look back on with a smile and a happy heart. 

Mallory & Haydn -138.jpg

Haydn and I got engaged at Arches National Park in Moab, Utah on April 29, 2022. His proposal far exceeded anything I'd ever dreamed of, and he made sure that it was all captured by a photographer for us to remember! He truly is the very best partner in the entire world.

We've been having so much fun planning our 2024 wedding in Greece, which has really enabled me to connect with my clients who are in the midst of planning their own weddings. I completely understand how challenging it can be to make so many big decisions all at the same time, and am here to offer my clients support and guidance as they embark on their exciting journey to becoming husband and wife!

My Approach

I strive to create a unique photo experience that feels fun and natural, and that accurately reflects the connection that my clients have with one another. The goal is for us to feel like old friends hanging out in a beautiful setting, having an incredible time! Through prompts and queues I aim to capture genuine happiness and authentic love so that I can create images that my clients are proud to put on display in their homes and excited to share with their friends and loved ones. 

We can't wait to

become friends with you!

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