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Meech Lake Surprise Proposal - Alex & Devan

What an incredible honour it was to witness Alex’s surprise proposal to Devan during what was supposed to be a fun-loving couples shoot at the beach!!

Alex and Devan have been best friends since they were young teens, and after spending a few years apart, were reunited and fell crazy in love with each other.

Devan contacted me about booking a couples shoot because she wanted to capture their love and happiness at this stage (not having any idea when they would be engaged). I thought it was such a sweet idea and we pencilled in a date to take their photos at Lac Meech, near Chelsea, QC.

About a week before their photoshoot, Alex reached out to me and shared that he wanted to pop the question DURING THE SESSION 😭❤️ I immediately had chills and knew that this was going to be one for the books.

After a healthy dose of logistics planning, we were ready to pull it off (special shoutout to my boyfriend Haydn for being my glue that day!!). We started their session as usual and worked through roughly half of my prompts before arriving at the “code prompt”.

Funny enough, about 5 minutes before Alex was going to propose, a car drove by and the people yelled out the window, "CONGRATULATIONS!!"... so of course Devan replies, "We're not actually engaged yet!!" while Alex, Haydn and I were desperately trying to hold it together...

As soon as we finished the piggy back ride, I placed Devan near the water with her back to us so that Haydn could give Alex the ring and he could get down on one knee. After pretending to take a few pictures of Devan looking out at the water, I told her she could turn back around and join us. Her reaction was absolutely priceless...

"Devan, I love you, will you marry me?"

"OBVIOUSLY!!!" she responds 😂

It’s a really good thing we got it on video because she told us afterwards that she was in so much shock she literally couldn't remember anything that her or Alex said!

We finished off the session by taking “actual” engagement photos while they danced in the water and held each other extra tight. Haydn and I surprised them with a champagne toast so that they could celebrate while watching the sunset. Little did we know that they would invite us to stay! It really was the perfect end to a perfect evening.

After spending a little over an hour with Alex and Dev it somehow felt like they were our close friends. It was such an incredible moment to share together and I was (and still am!) so genuinely happy and excited for them. They have such a strong connection and their love for each other is so raw and real. I can't wait for our paths to cross again someday!!

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